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Uganda is a landlocked country, bordering South Sudan in the North, Republic of Congo in the west, Rwanda and Tanzania in the South, and Kenya in the East. Lying astride the equator between latitudes 4deg.0′ North and 1deg.30′ South of the equator, and longitudes 30deg.0′ East and 35deg.0′ East of Greenwich, covering an area of 242,554 km2.

Topographically much of Uganda can be classified as a plateau, with numerous small hills and valleys and extensive savannah plains. The entire country lies above 900m above sea level generally sloping from South to North.

The country lies in a cradle of Mountains on its East Border with Kenya, Mount Elgon, and Mount. Moroto in the North East and the South-Western Rwenzori Ranges rising to altitudes over 5000m.Uganda is a well-watered country with close to 17% or 51,000 sq.km. Of its area dedicated to swamp or open water. Much of the country lies in the ‘Interlacustrine Region’ (Between the lakes) of Africa.

This region receives abundant rainfall, and is rich in tillable land, a major determining factor in settlement of the area. The vegetation in Uganda is extremely diverse a result of the different micro-climates of the country. Vegetation zones can be roughly classified according to the rainfall zones and are generally; Lake region, Northern Region, and the Highlands of the South-East. These are defined according to the climate of the particular areas.


The climate of Uganda cannot be categorized into any single climatic zone, although it has been generally categorized as a ‘Modified Tropical’ climate. Its central location on the East African Plateau is a major determining factor in the local climate. In reality Uganda has three sub-climatic zones differentiated mainly by altitude and rainfall.

Uganda’s equatorial climate is tempered by cooling breezes from the mountains. In general terms the lowland area and lake shores enjoy a warm climate, while it is cooler in the highlands. The rains are mainly between March to May and October to November.

Most of the country is a plateau more than 1,000 meters above sea level bounded on the east and west by mountain ranges more than 3,000 meters high. But nearly a fifth is swamps and open water, including the lakes Victoria, George, Edward, Kyoga, Albert and many more.

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