10 Most Inspirational quotes by Amos Wekesa, Uganda’s tourism poster boy

He is Uganda’s tourism poster boy and the foremost authority on Ugandan tourism, the founder of Greatlakesafaris & Uganda lodges which are among the top safari companies in Eastafrica.

According to Forbes Africa, his companies turnover around $6m per year and employs over 180 people.
The relentless promoter & ambassador of Uganda’s tourism grew up in lwakhakha, Eastern Uganda in abject poverty and he says hunger inspired him to work harder.
He opened & registered Greatlakesafaris in 2001 and says his big break came when a friend, Tom carter wrote an adulatory article in the Washington Times on the 23rd-Nov-2002.

Below are his 10 best quotes as compiled by Wildsight Safaris. You can also get the infographic with all the quotes.

1. Success

“The day of a hungry man is an extremely long day. If hunger can’t inspire you, then nothing in life can. And I was hungry for success.”

2. Diverse Uganda

“Uganda is the most diverse country in the world. There’s no other that has as many fresh water bodies… and then the great climate and fertile soil.”

3. Competition

“Competence in sport helps you make better judgments in life. You have to fight for your position and that’s what a businessman does. It helps you understand teamwork.”

4. Self Promotion

“I have never boarded a plane in the last 10 years without ‘Uganda’ on my chest, I encourage every Ugandan to do the same. No one can talk about Uganda better than Ugandans, and everyone should help spread the message.”

5. Destiny

“My mother is still alive,but cries every time she sees me, as when I was a baby, because of the poverty, she had wanted to kill me but stopped herself when she had a dream one night and somebody told her, ‘don’t touch that child !”

6. Poverty

“I grew up in an extremely poor family. When people from the Salvation Army Home for less privileged children came to our village looking for the top two poorest families to get two boys to sponsor, I was among them.”

7. Risk taking

“I am a risk taker, I take risks. In a country where you do not have many risk takers, development becomes a very big challenge. When I want something, I pursue it and when I fail, I do not condemn myself, I wake up, dust off and move on,”

8. Parenthood

“I personally put in time to make sure my children know what am doing. My first-born started working with me when he was 4 years old. In the garage and then office messenger. I have taken them to every place that we own. I have given them knowledge in tourism related activities.”

9. Incredible Uganda

“Uganda is an incredible country. There’s so much, but we’re doing so little with it. We must invest in areas that can bring in foreign money to the country and tourism is number one.”

10. Investing

“Our company has grown to be one of the top three safari companies in the Uganda. But I think one of things I like most about this is having been the first Ugandan to build accommodation inside a national park. It inspired so many Ugandans to start building. Now we are seeing a lot of Ugandans saying, ‘you know what? ‘If Amos can do it, I can do it.’”

The Infographic

Amos Wekesa quotes

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